peripheral projects

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An article published in the August 2011 issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine.

link to student portfolio pdf

Student portfolio showing work for Master of Landscape Architecture and Master of Architecture programs at the University of Virginia, as well as work related to fellowships and exhibitions.

link to pdf book, Represention the Infrastructural Landscape

A study of how infrastructural and industrial landscapes have been portrayed and perceived, using the local sewage treatment plant as a case study.

Transpiration project thumbnail

An exhibit that grew out of 'Representing the Infrastructural Landscape', bringing work from several UVa School of Architecture design studios to the larger community.

link to Timeline pdf

Contextualizing cultural, scienific, and economic developments in order to better understand the Western creative trajectory.

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These paintings explore the physics and mathematics behind natural form, the study of which led me to pursue design.

House project thumbnail

From 1999 to 2004, I designed, built and inhabited a home and studio.

Sculpture project thumbnail

Work from undergraduate studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, 1989 to 1993.