ZEDB projects

link to Brownstone Lane Garden images

Brownstone Lane Garden was our first project. Challenges arose from the site's location atop a steep wooded bank above the Rivanna River: Plants needed to be resistant to deer, and able to withstand tough southwestern exposure. To mitigate a steep bank adjacent to an asphalt driveway, we built a small, rustic stone wall.

link to River Bluff portfolio

River Bluff is a conservation development along the Rivanna River in Charlottesville. Neighborhood landscape guidelines called for a planting scheme that would continue to provide habitat for wildlife, as well as careful management of rainwater. Red-shouldered hawks watched over us as we planted native grasses and fruit-bearing shrubs. Water is directed through sculptural elements to rain gardens on several terraces.

Fleurie thumnail

This proposal provides level, comfortable outdoor dining for one of Charlottesville's top restaurants. A wood deck is partially enclosed with a wood and wrought iron wall, allowing a connection to the dynamic pedestrian character of downtown. The construction is modular to allow the entire terrace to be removed as necessary

Magnolia Drive Mini-Farm

Located in the front yard of a large suburban lot, this vegetable garden was designed to be attractive as well as productive. We built a substantial deer fence, raised beds, and straw bale compost bins. Carefully considered crop rotations provide three seasons of vegetables, flowers and herbs.

High Street office thumbnail

Rainwater is captured from fifty percent of the roof area of this office, currently under renovation. Low-maintenance shrubs replace the former weed-ridden lawn.

thumbnail photo, Edgecomb's remodel

We created a space for Edgecomb's employees that provides insulation from sound, garage fumes, and temperature extremes. Recycled materials played a part, including old VW windows in a nod to the origins of the business, and license plates from the GM's collection.